Published On 13/02/2017

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The secret of our commitment: the Pernod Ricard Mindset  

Our Mindset is the conquering state of mind among the men and women of Pernod Ricard. It’s a collective desire to win, shared by 18,500 employees who are making a difference at the finish line.

Our Mindset represents our ability to act as a team, all aligned behind a single vision and a single ambition. It’s also our ability to embrace change as a workforce, to ensure the Group can constantly adapt to an increasingly volatile market environment.

The Pernod Ricard Mindset is built on our fundamentals: a corporate culture that blends entrepreneurialism, mutual trust and high ethical standards; a decentralised organisation; and a strategy that’s 100% focused on consumers, their moments of consumption and their experience of convivialité.



Our corporate culture and values

In a decentralised organisation such as ours, the corporate culture is the common language that binds all of us together. The Pernod Ricard culture, which we view as a true competitive advantage, is based on three fundamental values. The first is entrepreneurial spirit, in which boldness and risk-taking give our employees the assurance that they can succeed. The second is mutual trust, founded on openness and integrity. This trust is a key factor in synergy, shared responsibility and greater autonomy among both our employees and business entities. Third is a deep-rooted ethical commitment, reflected not only in adherence to the Group’s policies and procedures but also in our honesty and transparency in relations with our stakeholders. There can be no entrepreneurial spirit without trust, and no trust without a commitment to ethics.

These three values become truly meaningful when they are animated by an attitude of convivialité. To that end, we encourage simple, direct, sincere and frank relationships among our employees. Convivialité enhances collaboration and ensures that individuals can share their experiences for our mutual benefit. Our decentralised organisation is a direct outgrowth of that corporate culture. 94% of our 18,500 employees adhere to these values, and 84% believe that convivialité is a reality in their day-to-day workplace. They cultivate it among themselves but also in their ties with all of our stakeholders.

Our human resource policy continually fosters these values by promoting leadership, mobility and diversity. That corporate culture is the source of our shared commitment.

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Results from "I Say" global engagement survey conducted by Towers Watson in June 2015

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