Pastis 51

Pastis 51, pastis created and produced in Marseille, is a drink with sunny origins. Its delicate natural anise flavourings exude incomparable freshness. This great classic is infused with the gentle aromas of southern France.

History and Know-how

Created in 1951 when the ban on anise-based aperitifs was lifted in France, Pernod 51 chose its name to remember the important date. It became Pernod Ricard’s leading brand in 1968. Since its inception, 51 has stood out for its refreshingly modern take on anise-based drinks.

Pastisser means to mix in Provençal French. The aroma of Pastis 51 is produced when the mix of Chinese star anise, aromatic Provencal plants, fennel, oriental liquorice and African cola nut are steeped in alcohol and undergo a double-distillation process.

Range and Tasting

51 is an innovative and ground-breaking brand. As the only brand on the anise-based drink market to offer a complete brand portfolio that can be consumed in various ways, it appeals to a wide range of consumers – “There’s a 51 for everyone”. 51 offers three complementary products – Pastis 51, 51 Rosé and 51 Glacial – and three ways to drink them: 51 Classique, DEMI 51 and 51 Piscine.

Packshot Pastis 51

Pastis 51 range

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