Passport Scotch

Proudly produced in Scotland since 1965 and distributed in around 50 markets, Passport is the biggest contributor to the Scotch whisky category growth and the 5th fastest growing spirit brand worldwide (IWSR 2015). Passport is increasingly popular among millennial consumers in emerging Scotch markets around the world, with its key markets being Brazil, Mexico and Angola.

History and Know-how

Originally from the Glen Keith Distillery in Scotland, Passport takes its roots in the 60s, to which it owes its unconventional spirit and unique & colourful positioning.

Passport has set out to challenge the codes and conventions of Scotch whisky, from the brand’s globally recognised green rectangular bottle to its vibrant communications.


An unusually tempting fruity taste and a delicious creamy finish. It can be enjoyed neat, over ice or mixed with your favourite soft drink (soda, cola, Sprite, coconut water or Guarana). 

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Passport Scotch range