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J.P. Wiser’s is Canada’s oldest continuously produced whiskey, dating back to 1857. Its award-winning traditional Canadian rye whiskeys use a selection of superior grains from the Great Lakes region, but J.P. Wiser’s key legacy was to age his whiskey longer than others at the time. In his words, quality is something you just can’t rush – whiskey must take its time. J.P. Wiser’s has been part of Pernod Ricard since 2005.

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15 Year Old

Deliciously smooth and aged for 15 years, this whisky needs to be sipped and savoured to appreciate the full depth of its flavour.

Triple Barrel Rye

Our Triple Barrel Rye whisky is a unique blend of toasted grains, oak, and rich toffee, with a finish that’s silky smooth and long lasting. It combines distillates from used whisky, first-fill bourbon, and virgin oak casks.


Apple-flavour occurs naturally in several of our whiskies, so it was only natural that we crafted an Apple-flavoured whisky that celebrates that flavour note in a bold and delicious way.

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