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Pernod Ricard South Africa is one of six African market companies to proudly fly the flag of the Pernod Ricard Group.

The French-based Pernod Ricard Group is the world co-leader of the wine and spirits industry, delivering on leading premium brands such as Chivas Regal, Jameson Whiskey, ABSOLUT vodka and G.H.Mumm Champagne.

Pernod Ricard South Africa was established in 1994, following the birth of South Africa’s democracy and the lifting of international trade sanctions. Over the past 20 years, it has grown significantly within the local market and still continues to thrive.

Pernod Ricard South Africa is part of a network of 80 international market companies that promote both the Group’s international brands and manages local and regional brands like Red Heart Rum and Olmeca Tequila.

With headquarters in Cape Town and regional offices across the country, the Pernod Ricard South Africa family employs more than 270 proud employees.

As the “creators of conviviality” and backed by sound business values and a belief in building lasting relationships, the respected Pernod Ricard tradition continues to be carried forward with vibrancy and passion by the men and women behind Pernod Ricard South Africa.

The story of the Pernod Ricard Group

From a humble family business to a major global company, Pernod Ricard has been driven by an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit, passion and vision.

The company was formed with the link-up of two French anise-based spirits companies: Pernod and Ricard.

Pernod Distilleries was founded by Henri-Louis Pernod in 1805. In 1926, the company merged with Ariste Hémard’s distillery and another owned by Jules-François Pernod to form “Établissements Pernod”. Jean Hémard, the grandson of Ariste Hémard then took over the reins of the newly formed company.

Paul Ricard, entrepreneur and creative genius, established Ricard in 1932.

Wanting to diversify their products and gain a foothold in international markets, Paul Ricard and Jean Hémard, joined forces in 1975 to create Pernod Ricard.

Today, the Pernod Ricard Group has 19000 employees across the world with 80 market companies covering 4 world regions, six brand companies and 96 production sites.

Our Strategy

We bring conviviality into the world of premium wine, spirits and champagnes by shaping our consumers drinking experiences.

We pride ourselves in offering great brands, working closely with our customers and providing employees an inspiring and rewarding working environment.

Premium is at the heart of our business with our remarkable brands that embody heritage, quality and provenance. We want our brands to be there for all the moments that matter: from gathering with friends, catching up with family and celebrating milestones. This is why we focus on quality, constantly innovating and striving to bring unique experiences. In other words, we create powerful brands because we want to offer our consumers the best.

We believe it is important to be more than just a supplier, we are a partner to our customers. We offer our customers an unrivalled portfolio of premium wine, spirits and Champagnes. We go a step further, working with customers to develop innovative products, great services and unforgettable experiences.

We are privileged to work in close partnership with New Zealand’s retailers, wholesalers, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Every member of our team is an ambassador for our business and an entrepreneur. We encourage everyone to set the bar high, challenge, innovate and create. Our mutual trust enables us to empower our teams and support them in embracing a spirit of conviviality.

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