Published On 06/14/2018

'Spritz' your way to sunny summer sales with a refreshing new sparkling wine based drink from Jacob's Creek

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Jacob’s Creek, one of the best known, award-wining wine brands is releasing a new premium sparkling drink in a ready to serve format; Aperitivo Spritz. The latest addition to the category taps into the popularity of bitter orange aperitifs as well as consumer demand for light and fresh ‘spritz’ offerings that are simple to serve and refreshing to drink.

Rolling out from June 2018, Jacob’s Creek Aperitivo Spritz provides consumers with a convenient and delicious sparkling drink with a twist. The refreshing sparkling wine based drink has a vibrant flavour profile of zesty blood oranges and carefully selected botanicals, such as cinchona and liquorish root extract, to deliver a fruity drink with bittersweet citrus notes.

Jacob's Creek Aperitivo Spritz

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