Published On 05/31/2018

Malibu adds this year's hottest flavours to summer line-up

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  • Malibu is adding Malibu Passion Fruit, a new flavour not containing coconut, to its 70cl range and Piña Colada to its ready-to-drink family (RTDs)
  • Malibu Passion Fruit is the perfect ingredient for making Porn Star Martinis at home
  • Piña Colada RTDs will provide UK consumers with their second favourite out-of-home cocktail in a handy on-the-go format

The sun’s out and already consumers are eager for the new flavour in Malibu’s summer line-up, Malibu Passion Fruit. Since arriving on shelves in Tesco and Asda this week, social media has been alight with excitement for this year’s top trending flavour. Containing the refreshing taste of passion fruit, without coconut, it offers a fruity spirit for the brand’s target audience of 18-24-year-olds to enjoy throughout the summer season.

Passion fruit cocktails are this year’s hottest trend, with the Porn Star Martini now the second biggest cocktail in the on trade. Malibu Passion Fruit is the perfect ingredient when making Porn Star Martinis at home or for a refreshingly simply serve, lemonade is the ideal mixer.


Malibu Passionfruit and Pina Colada cans

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