Published On 02/13/2018

Blush easily? Absolut employees bare all to show it really is ‘the Vodka with Nothing to Hide’


Absolut’s new film leads the way for transparency in the most revealing way possible. From each seed to every bottle, Absolut’s journey is laid bare for all to see - viewer discretion advised!

Would you get naked for your company? Absolut employees certainly will, as Absolut launches a brand new film ‘the vodka with nothing to hide’ to prove just how transparent things are in Åhus, Sweden and features employees totally in the nude. From Absolut Vodka’s CO2 neutral distillation process to their sustainable ethos, viewers are invited on a revealing journey to discover how Absolut not only has nothing to hide, but have something worth shouting about.

Few companies would have the bottle to bare all about their production or share their sustainable practices, but Absolut is proudly leading the way for other brands to follow. In the film, Absolut invites you behind the scenes in Åhus, Sweden to reveal how their unique process produces vodka of such high standards. In an age where true brand transparency is rare, Absolut felt it was important to put everything on display and show viewers exactly what modern vodka crafting looks like.

Absolut Nothing to Hide

Absolut Nothing to Hide

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