Published On 09/05/2019


Launching exclusively in the UK, the new, limited-edition vibrant flavour combines the sweet juicy flavour of blackberry with classic gin notes of juniper

Beefeater, the world’s most awarded gin, is adding a third variant to its booming flavours range with the launch of Beefeater Blackberry. Taking the quintessential British bramble fruit, Beefeater has developed a fresh blackberry flavoured gin with a soft violet colour. What better way to make Dick Bradsell’s famous 1980 Bramble Berry cocktail?


Purple gins are gathering huge momentum and are now the third fastest growing flavoured gin in the UK[1]. Beefeater Blackberry is steeped in the brand’s heritage, having been based on an archived infusion recipe by original founder James Borrough. The fruit-led purple gin is made with the quintessentially British fruit, providing a great opportunity for fresh seasonal serves that vibrantly retain both their colour and flavour, bursting with refreshment.


Beefeater Blackberry is created by distilling the Beefeater London Dry Gin base, and then adding natural blackberry flavours. Distilled in the heart of London, at The Beefeater Distillery in Kennington in the brand’s famous London copper stills, its taste profile clearly identifies it as part of the award-winning Beefeater portfolio due to its citrus-forward notes. The fruit influence is achieved with no compromise to excellence and uses exclusively natural flavours.   

Louise Ryan, Managing Director, The Gin Hub, comments: “We’re delighted to be introducing Beefeater Blackberry to a new generation of gin drinkers who are eager to explore this thriving category. The UK market is one of the biggest gin markets in the world and Beefeater grew +275% in the UK off-trade last year[2]. We’ve been blown away by the success of both Beefeater Pink Strawberry and Beefeater Blood Orange, with almost 150,000 cases sold across both flavours in the UK last year. That’s 10 times the previous year, showing consumer appetite for new and exciting visual serves continues to grow.”


44% of consumers typically order a berry flavoured cocktail when out[3] and for every £1 spent on gin in the off-trade last year, 25p was on flavoured gin[4]. Beefeater Blackberry is a visually impactful gin that retains its flavour and distinctive colour when mixed. The bitter-sweet flavour of Blackberry gives way to classic gin notes of juniper and angelica, developing into a long, rich finish.


Beefeater Blackberry is bottled at 37.5% ABV and will be available for 12-months as a Tesco exclusive from 9th September 2019. RRP £18.99.  


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