Like many voyages of discovery, Plymouth Gin began its journey on the docks of Plymouth, the stronghold of the British Royal Navy on England’s South West coast. Quickly becoming the standard issue Gin of Royal Navy officers, it travelled the globe in the hold of tall ships and frigates charting a course through Gin history and into the affections of gin connoisseurs and bartenders worldwide on a voyage spanning more than 200 years.

History & Know-How

Plymouth Gin has a history steeped in the ocean and the Navy. Royal Navy officers were given a regular Plymouth Gin ration as part of their wages, and it’s said that a Commissioning kit was presented to the officers of each new vessel which contained the barware and ingredients necessary to make Plymouth Gin cocktails.

Unlike gins that are mass-produced in “distilled spirits factories,” Plymouth Gin is crafted in small batches following distillation methods passed down over the generations from one master distiller to the next.

In short

Plymouth is a multi-award winning gin:

 - Double Gold at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

 - Gold at the 2015 International Spirits Challenge

Plymouth range