Petit Cordon

Discover Petit Cordon: a unique New Zealand sparkling wine created in collaboration with Maison Mumm. Petit Cordon is a premium sparkling wine made with the wine-making know-how of Maison Mumm, with Chef de Caves, Didier Mariotti, following the méthode traditionelle, and the terroir knowledge of the Marlborough winemaker, Jamie Marfell, creating a combination of the best of both old and new worlds. It combines the intensity of Pinot Noir Grapes with the freshness of Chardonnay.


“Thanks to the joined forces of the winemaking teams, Petit Cordon is a sparkling wine we are proud of – benefiting from méthode traditionnelle winemaking and high quality fruit from the best Marlborough vineyards. It is a fresh and fruity tasting wine with lovely secondary characteristics of biscuit and brioche, while singing with aromatic complexity. To have the opportunity to work with Didier Mariotti to bring this new sparkling wine to the world has been an exciting journey for me and the team here in New Zealand. Petit Cordon celebrates the joy of collaboration in every sense.” Jamie Marfell




Petit Cordon has refreshing notes of citrus fruits, grapefruit and blood orange. On the palate, white fruits (pears) and yellow fruits (apricot, peach, cherry plum) dominate, with a few discreet notes of ripe fruits, and hints of honey and biscuit shining though. Petit Cordon has a frank and lively attack, before the fresh, fruity taste gradually balance in the mouth. Overall it has a nice tension and long structured finish.


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