Famous since 1805 for its spirits with extracts of absinthe, much appreciated by artists and poets. A century later it confirmed its success with Pernod anise spirit, an aperitif based on star anise with a fresh, original flavour.

History of brand

1805 - Henri Louis Pernod founded the first French Absinthe Distillery in Pontarlier. It’s a success. Nicknamed “the green fairy”, absinthe became the favourite drink of the famous artists looking for new flavours. The painters Monet and Degas, poets Verlaine and Musset immortalize absinthe in their works.

Early 1900’s - Pernod starts being sold abroad. Absinthe’s fame expanded as the artists brought the drink with them in their travels.

1915 - Production and sale of absinthe are forbidden.

1998 - Drinks with absinthe extracts are once again authorized.

2011 - The 1915 law is totally repelled and Pernod recover its former name: Pernod Absinthe.



With over 200 years of history, Pernod is the oldest French brand of anise spirits.

Pernod range