Lillet is a premium aperitif created in 1872 and prepared in the wine cellars of Podensac, a small village south of Bordeaux. Lillet comes from a subtle blend of wine and fruit infusions prepared by the cellar master using methods passed down since the 19th century.

History and Know-how

In the 1930s, the international Anglo-Saxon market took off because of the introduction of Lillet Dry, which could be mixed with gin or served in cocktails and inspired the famous Vesper.

1872 – brothers Raymond and Paul Lillet founded Maison Lillet in Pondesac, a small village located in the South of Bordeaux.

1953 - the Vesper cocktail made famous by James Bond in Casino Royale, calls for Kina Lillet (now known as Lillet Blanc).

1962 – Lillet Rouge created by Pierre Lillet which appealed to Lillet fans and red wine lovers alike.

2011- Lillet Rosé launched which immediately won the Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Beverage Challenge.


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