Double gold medal for Lillet Rosé

Article 25/06/2018

Double gold medal for Lillet Rosé, named 'Best apéritif' in the San Francisco World Spirits competition
The quality and artisanal expertise of Lillet Rosé were recognised by the 40 judges in the prestigious 2018 San Francisco World Spirits competition.

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition
This competition is an essential event in the world of spirits and enjoys an important reputation among consumers and professionals in the field. Winning the final award in the competition (double gold medal), Lillet Rosé stood apart from its 31 competitors in the 'Apéritif' category! 

It was a proud moment for the Bordeaux apéritif; this distinction will allow it to gain visibility on the global apéritif market.

'This prize also gives us an opportunity to celebrate the Lillet teams around the world and to thank them for their hard work. From Marseille, to Podensac, to Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, Lillet Rosé continues to build international recognition thanks to our engaged and passionate employees. Allow me to wish you a refreshing and colourful summer with Lillet Rosé!',  Alexis Vuong ' Business Development Manager

Do you know the Lillet range'

Lillet, future big bet of the Pernod Ricard portfolio, is made from a subtle blend of rigorously selected wines and fruit macerations, Lillet can be enjoyed neat, on ice in a large glass or in cocktails.
It should always be served chilled (between 6° and 8°)!
Discover or rediscover our Lillet range, comprising three classics:

Lillet Blanc, the range core product: all the freshness of an aperitif with a smooth and fruity taste and a full, fleshy structure
Lillet Rosé, with a delicious freshness and great aromatic finesse
Lillet Rouge, with a more tannic mouthfeel.

'as well as a premium reserve, Lillet Grande Réserve.


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