Pernod Ricard UK urges the On-Trade to entice consumers with cocktails they can’t make at home

Press Release 20/10/2021

PRUK Christmas On Trade

Pernod Ricard UK is encouraging the On-Trade to give consumers serves and experiences they can’t replicate at home this Christmas, to capitalise on the cocktail boom and the huge opportunity within Premium Spirits. Festive twists on favourites and masterclasses will be key levers to driving incremental spend over the Christmas period, and Pernod Ricard UK will be supporting customers with a range of premium options for serves, sustainable POS and memorable experiences to drive footfall.

Superb serves

Cocktails are set to boom this Christmas as at-home habits adopted over the last 18 months will result in high demand for cocktails rebounding into the On-Trade. As consumers experiment more with creating cocktails, serves that are hard to recreate at home will be key and distinctive serveware and eye-catching garnishes will give consumers a compelling reason to visit the On-Trade.

Pernod Ricard UK has created a range of showstopping solutions to add theatre to the in-bar experience. Absolut and Beefeater branded multi-serve sharer trees can hold up to eight coupe glasses or goblets to display martinis and Gin & Tonics, and can be used as a pre-bookable sales driver. Colour changing shimmer drops, available in gold, red or green, have been created to elevate serves and add a festive Instagram moment. 21,500 Havana Cub and Beefeater branded hot serve enamel mugs have also been produced which can be used both during and beyond the Christmas season, alongside branded urns for pre-batched hot serves.

Elevated experiences

Research conducted by Pernod Ricard UK revealed that 63% of 18-54 year olds expect to go out more or as frequently than pre-COVID, so enticing this group to visit outlets more than the 3.4 times they spent in On-Trade occasions in 2019 will be key to success[1]. Planned get-togethers and work Christmas parties will be particularly significant this year as consumers reconnect, and give operators the opportunity to guarantee spend due to changed attitudes to pre-booking. Getting the offering right will therefore be crucial to securing footfall and spend.

Throughout November and December, Pernod Ricard UK will be offering 75 new online cocktail masterclasses for its leading spirits brands including Absolut, Beefeater, Jameson and Havana Club. Despite the rise of home-tainment, there is still high demand for real-life experiences that the On-Trade can deliver on, with 84% of consumers keen to try a new brand experience post-lockdown[2]. To support the On-Trade, Pernod Ricard UK is offering 90min masterclass experiences in customer venues to help consumers learn from experts, whilst also discovering some festive home hacks such as Christmas cracker and wreath making as well as a bauble painting workshop.

Bartenders will also have the opportunity to learn as Pernod Ricard UK is offering WSET Levels 1-2 training to over 300 members of the hospitality trade to upskill them. Over 3,500 hours of training will be provided and the education programme builds on the 2,500 free WSET training Pernod Ricard UK has offered over the last year.

James Bremner, On-Trade Channel Director at Pernod Ricard UK, comments: “This Christmas will be more important than ever as family and friends reunite, and look for ways to make the time spent together more special. It’s been a tough year for the hospitality sector and we are supporting operators with superb serves and elevated experiences that will remind consumers about the convivial moments the On-Trade can offer. This year we are going bigger and better with record investment in training to upskill bartenders in delivering aspirational cocktails, and will be supercharging our masterclasses with added-value hacks to help venues own the cocktail occasion and capitalise on the opportunity great drinks present.”

The premium opportunity

Since bars and pubs re-opened, Spirits have accelerated a long-term trend of growing share of total alcohol (29% vs 24% in 2014[3]). The higher spend per serve of £5.73 for Standard Spirits and £7.59 for Premium+ Spirits[4] present an opportunity for operators to maximise spend at Christmas as consumers treat themselves to premium brands when meeting up with friends and family. However, the financial impact of the pandemic has affected individuals differently, meaning Christmas offerings must be both accessible and premium.

Flavoured spirits and cocktails are amongst the top trends in the re-opened On-Trade. Share-winning categories include flavoured gin, flavoured vodka, white rum and spiced rum[5] and dark spirits also experience a significant uplift in December[6]. Pernod Ricard UK has developed a range of festive twists on established serves to capitalise on these consumers’ preferences.*

Marketing investment

Having been kept apart from those we love over Christmas last year, consumers are going to be looking for more ways to make the time we spend with our friends and family that bit more special and celebratory in 2021. Pernod Ricard UK will be partnering with online platform, Fever, to amplify brand events and experiences taking place in partner venues and propel consumers into the On-Trade. To further drive awareness of its premium portfolio, Pernod Ricard UK is investing in above-the-line advertising spend with campaigns going live for brands including Absolut, Beefeater, Jameson, The Glenlivet and Havana Club in the lead up to Christmas.

Sustainability support

83% of UK consumers now expect food and drink brands to engage on at least one of four areas of sustainability; sourcing, packaging, carbon or fundraising, and Pernod Ricard UK is supporting the hospitality sector rise to the climate challenge and the journey to net zero. As a development partner of the Net Zero Pubs & Bars and Net Zero Restaurants initiatives, Pernod Ricard UK will be engaging with customers to offer guidance on how to reduce carbon emissions and set climate strategies. Operators that are successfully net zero certified will be able to display their accreditation in their outlet through point-of-sale materials to help them showcase their achievement and engage consumers

*Pernod Ricard UK’s top festive serves

Jameson Orange Dark Chocolate Espresso Martini


Jameson Orange is a zesty new expression and new to the market, combining the finest triple-distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey infused with natural orange flavouring.



45ml Jameson Orange

15ml Kahlúa​

40ml Espresso

10ml Dark Choc Syrup (simple sugar syrup mixed with cocoa powder)


Dark chocolate shavings

Orange zest​


Method: Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and share hard with ice. Fine strain into a chilled coupe glass.


Christmas Mojito


Havana Club Cuban Spiced is also new to market and the first spiced product from Havana Club. It’s made with 100% Cuban rum that has been enriched with spices and natural tropical flavours.



50ml Havana Club Cuban Spiced​

15ml Grapefruit Juice​

10ml Sugar Syrup​

8-12 Mint Leaves​

Splash Soda Water​


Grapefruit slice​



Method​: Combine ingredients over crushed ice, churn, top with ice and soda​.

Magic​: Try replacing your soda water with a tropical soda to highlight the different fruity notes in the Havana Club Cuban Spiced​.


Xmasso Martini



25ml Absolut Vodka​

25ml Kahlúa​

25ml Espresso ​

5ml Butterscotch Liqueur​

2ml All That Glitters Colour Drops (Optional)​


Werther’s Original


Method​: Shake ingredients over ice, double strain into glassware​.

Magic​: Add a pinch of salt to the shaker for a hint of salted caramel flavour.


Gin-ger Apple



50ml Beefeater London Dry Gin​

200ml Ginger Beer​

150ml Apple Juice​

5ml Honey​

1 Lemon Wedge, squeezed​


Cinnamon Stick​


Method​: Add all ingredients except gin to a pan and warm through. Pour into heat proof glass or mug, add gin and stir to combine​.


Panettone Sour



40ml Malfy con Arancia​

20ml Amaretto​

20ml Lemon Juice​

20ml Egg White​

Dash Angostura Bitters​


Star Anise​


Method​: Shake ingredients over ice, double strain into glassware​.

Magic​: A cleaner and fresher take on the classic Amaretto Sour. Pairs perfectly with a slice of toasted Panettone and some ricotta.


Three Wise Monks



35ml Plymouth Original​

50ml Ginger Beer​

100ml Dry Cider​


Sliced Apple


Method:​ Add ingredients over ice, stir gently to combine​.

Magic:​ Serve in a wine glass for a festive cheers moment​.


Black Forest Berry



40ml Monkey 47​

20ml Cherry Liqueur​

20ml Lemon Juice​

20ml Morello Cherry Pureé​

Egg White​


Berry Dust​

Mint Sprig


Method​: Shake ingredients over ice, double strain into glassware​.




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