Absolut trash: the first London fashion week show that turned rubbish into a runway brands

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Press Release 18/02/2020

10% of all carbon emissions are produced by the fashion industry
The Absolut Trash runway used ¼ Tonne of recycled waste
Provided a platform for up and coming sustainable designers
Offered the public a chance to walk the runway in a London Fashion Week first

Absolut Trash stole the show this London Fashion Week (LFW), providing up-and-coming sustainable designers with a platform made from ¼ Tonne of recycled waste to mark the launch of Absolut’s new limited-edition bottle, Absolut Recycled.

As a sector that produces 10% [1]of all carbon emissions, the fashion industry is frequently subjected to intense scrutiny and criticism. Showing sustainability is accessible to all, Absolut celebrated its long-standing commitment to sustainability by collecting waste from LFW parties, various catwalk backstage areas and local bars to recycle into the Absolut Trash runway show.

Showcasing designers who reflected Absolut’s sustainable values such as Jehu-Cal’s sustainable streetwear line and James Marshall’s statement pieces made from abandoned festival tents, the Absolut Trash runway also gave members of the public an opportunity to make their LFW debut and try sustainability on for size.

“It was an amazing experience to be able to show my work at LFW. Sustainability in fashion is really having a moment and it’s great to see brands like Absolut get behind up and coming brands like us at 10T.” Said James Marshall, Founder of 10T.

The Absolut Trash runway show marked the launch of its new limited-edition bottle, Absolut Recycled. Made with more than 41% recycled glass, just like all its bottles, it’s a celebration of power and beauty in waste.

“At Absolut, we don’t see waste as waste, we see it as a resource and an asset,” says Raja Banerji, Marketing Director for Pernod Ricard UK. “We believe that waste is useful and with a little creativity we can all drive positive change. The Absolut Trash runway, alongside our new bottle, truly brings this belief to life in the creative manner that Absolut stands for.”

The new Absolut Recycled limited edition bottle is available to purchase from February in all major retailers. RRP £20.


For more information please visit: https://www.absolut.com/uk/products/absolut-recycled/

[1] https://www.unece.org/info/media/presscurrent-press-h/forestry-and-timber/2018/un-alliance-aims-to-put-fashion-on-path-to-sustainability/doc.html