Smooth Ambler


In the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, Smooth Ambler is a craft distiller of artisan whiskies. Smooth Ambler has a family of quality wheated and rye bourbons that includes handcrafted whiskies 100% distilled and aged in West Virginia and curated blends sourced from the finest all-American whiskies. Founded in 2009 with the simple goal of producing the best whiskey possible, the brand has been part of Pernod Ricard since 2016.

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Contrat Bourbon bottle

Featured Smooth Ambler products

Tailgate of Truck - Bottle


Contradiction Bourbon, bottled at 92 proof, is a blend of straight bourbon whiskies.

Old Scout Bourbon - bottle

Old Scout Straight Bourbon

Old Scout Bourbon, bottled at 99 proof, is a high-rye recipe bourbon sourced from Indiana.

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