The world's No.1 coffee liqueur, Kahlúa has been spreading the spirit of Veracruz, its birthplace and home to the coffee beans used to make it, since it was launched 70 years ago.

History and Know-how

A pioneer of coffee liqueur, Kahlúa was created in Mexico in 1936. At the beginning of the 1960s, Jules Berman, an art collector and entrepreneur, introduced it to the United States. While there is still some mystery surrounding Kahlúa's exact origins, the flavour is now enjoyed across the world. 

Kahlúa uses 100% Arabica coffee beans grown on the high plateaus of Veracruz, which offer optimum altitude and climatic conditions. The beans are light with a subtle hint of chocolate that defines Kahlúa's unique flavour and aroma. These coffee beans are roasted slightly to develop a delicate flavour and then briefly ground to preserve their natural smoothness. The ground coffee is immediately extracted with water. Freshly filtered, it is then blended with vanilla, caramel and alcohol from sugarcane.

Range and Tasting

The key ingredient in classic cocktails such as the White Russian and Expresso Martini. Kahlúa combines multi-layered notes of bittersweet coffee, roasted chestnut and butter.

Packshot Kahlua

Kahlúa range

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