2050 Future scenarios - In the face of climate change, what will the convivialité of the future look like?

Press Release 04/04/2024

Pernod Ricard presents its 2050 Future Scenarios decoding the way climate change will impact potential pathways for how we live, consume and socialise in the year 2050

Future scenarios

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In the face of the climate crisis, the future of the human race is being called into question. We are particularly questioning the future of convivialité – what could be more natural for us as Creators of Convivialité? At the heart of convivialité is our innate need for human connection through socialising. It satisfies a deep desire to share and nurture genuine and meaningful relationships. But how can convivialité continue to thrive in the future? 

The purpose of this study is to help best prepare for the far-reaching environmental and societal changes to come and to best anticipate key consumer trends. We strongly believe that resilience can only be achieved by preparing for multiple future scenarios. As a firm believer in sharing and in collective strength, Pernod Ricard has chosen to publicly present the key findings of its study today. The aim of this open source approach is to initiate a comprehensive conversation amongst players in our ecosystem on this crucial issue and help pave the way for a collective, meaningful and impactful discussion.

Our Group is currently raising awareness amongst all its employees, beginning with top management, in order to explore the impact that each individual scenario could have on each of the daily lives of our consumers. Collective workshops are therefore being held to ensure that all departments take these possible futures into account in their day-to-day activities. To help achieve harmony in our society, everyone is involved and these scenarios are incorporated into the Company’s 10-year strategic plan.

Our ultimate aim in publicly sharing this study both internally and externally is that the only desirable future scenario – eco-harmony – becomes a reality.