Pernod Ricard officially launches direct affiliate in Cambodia

Article 13/07/2017

We officially register in the Kingdom with an optimistic view on the growing market.

Pernod Ricard today officially launched its newest affiliate in the Kingdom of Cambodia under Pernod Ricard Cambodge Co Ltd

The Group has decided to enter the market based on its positive outlook on the economy and the rapidly-growing connectivity of Cambodians to the rest of the world.

'It is time for us to be a part of Cambodia's expanding and dynamic economy', says Philippe Guettat, Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard Asia. 'Cambodia as a nation has made great progress over the past decades, the market has grown tremendously, and Cambodian consumers are expanding their knowledge and appetite for premium goods. We would like Pernod Ricard brands to be at the forefront of this growth.' Guettat adds, 'We are in a great position to contribute to the Kingdom's future development, as a registered business entity and responsible tax contributor in the Kingdom.'

'Aside from a productive business platform, Pernod Ricard is also committed to growing our Sustainability and Responsibility agenda. Responsible Drinking has always been a key message of Pernod Ricard, and we continue this proactive platform in Cambodia, engaging local adult audiences on the moderate and responsible consumption of our brands'

Pernod Ricard Cambodge Co Ltd. seeks to be a leading international wines & spirits importer & distributor in Cambodia, investing in local advertising, activities, and promotions of their wines and spirits portfolio.

We aim to build awareness and familiarity for our collection of premium brands through our marketing efforts in the vibrant and growing restaurant, hotel and bar scene in Cambodia.


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