Taste The New Buzz With Absolut Hunni

Press Release 16/04/2024

There’s a new Absolut flavoured vodka in town that’s sure to cause a bit of a buzz. Absolut Hunni, brand new and exclusive to the UK, will land on shelves and behind the back bar from this month, offering Flavoured Vodka fans an alternative to fruit-led options. Made exclusively with natural flavour, Absolut Hunni contains no added sugar and delivers a premium, sweet vodka with a distinct flavour of golden honey, providing a smooth, delicious taste that mixes perfectly with lemonade. 


60% of UK vodka drinkers choose lemonade as their mixer of choice when drinking vodka[1] and honey has been identified as an emerging flavour profile in the UK spirits market[2], making the Absolut Hunni & Lemonade one to watch in 2024. The design of the bottle is striking, and its distinctive packaging ensures it stands out within the Absolut portfolio, as well as the wider category, with bold black and yellow stripes emulating those of a honeybee. 


Ian Peart, Commercial Director for Pernod Ricard UK, comments: “Absolut Hunni is our Queen Bee for 2024, providing Flavoured Vodka fans with a new and exciting flavour profile to sip and enjoy with friends either at home or in the On-Trade. This new addition to the Absolut range has been designed to be enjoyed with lemonade, making elevating at-home occasions super simple. For the On-Trade, we know flavoured martinis are enjoying their time in the sun as the UK’s fifth most popular serve[3], and our Absolut Hunni Lemondrop Martini offers a balanced yet sweet, zesty serve that will ensure customers aren’t stung when ordering at the bar.”


The launch of Absolut Hunni will be supported by a 360° marketing campaign, which includes media, influencer and PR campaigns, as well as in-store and in-venue POS to drive visibility. 


Launching exclusively in Tesco this month, Absolut Hunni will roll out across the Off- and On-Trade in April. 

ABV: 38%. Off-Trade RRP: £22.  


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