2024 Has Arrived, Along With A New Look For Beefeater 24

Press Release 16/04/2024

Beefeater 24 is celebrating the twenty-four-hour energy of London, its heart and home, with a distinctive, striking new design to stand out in high-energy moments. Maintaining its bold red glass, the new Beefeater 24 pack has improved sustainability credentials with a 90% plastic reduction on the closure and back label1, as well as 30% less aluminium and a 22% glass reduction. 

The new elevated structure is taller than the previous version to stand high within the category. The new pack, created by Boundless Brand Design, also has practical advantages for the On-Trade such as, easier grip for better speed of serving thanks to the adoption of the iconic London brick shape characteristic of the rest of the Beefeater portfolio. The label is sliced at a 24 degree angle to represent the twenty-four-hour steeping of the botanicals - Beefeater’s signature house style - and the more selective cut in distillation taken to create Beefeater 24. 

Murielle Dessenis, Global VP Marketing Gins at Pernod Ricard, comments: “Beefeater 24 is the Super-Premium expression of our World’s Most Awarded Gin, Beefeater London Dry, and we are proud to be offering our consumers our award-winning liquid in a new, modern design to enjoy during high-energy moments of conviviality. The new Beefeater 24 pack captures the energy of our heart and home in London and most importantly, takes us one step further on our sustainability journey.”

Beefeater 24’s award-winning liquid remains unchanged and its master craftsmanship is depicted through the 12 botanicals embossed on the bottle and label. Created by Beefeater’s Master Distiller Emeritus Desmond Payne MBE, Beefeater 24 boasts a unique blend of 12 botanicals, which create a complex and harmonious aroma, whilst introducing a rich, smooth balance of fine flavours on the palate. The 24 pays homage to the twenty-four-hour steeping of botanicals, which is a process used across the Beefeater range prior to distillation and is a key contributor to its iconic house style. 

The twenty-four-hour steeping process is particularly relevant for Beefeater 24 as in this elevated recipe three extra botanicals are added to the nine core Beefeater ones – Japanese Sencha, Chinese Green Tea and Grapefruit – which when steeped for 24 hours require a more selective cut in distillation. The natural botanicals and unique twenty four hour steeping process create a gin of unrivalled smoothness and complexity, ideal for modern cocktail making. 

Beefeater 24’s new pack will begin rolling out in markets worldwide from 1st January 2024. ABV 45%.