Welcome to our Convivial Realm


As “Créateurs de convivialité,” our vision is to turn every social interaction into a genuine and convivial experience by enabling people to share their moments of joy and camaraderie.

We at Pernod Ricard India, are always looking to find ways to connect, celebrate, and unlock the magic of human connections.

Home of Conviviality
Gurgaon & Mumbai Office

Pernod Ricard India thrives on the spirit of togetherness, camaraderie and collaboration.

Get a glimpse of our convivial spaces which harps on the power of togetherness and facilitates a high-performance culture, thereby enabling environment for innovative ideas to flourish.

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Gurgaon office

Mumbai Office


Beats of Conviviality
World Music Day

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Beats of Conviviality

The theme for this year’s World Music Day was “Music at the Intersections” and Pernod Ricard India which stands for Creators of Conviviality came forward to celebrate music as a culture from different walks of life.

As part of this campaign, employees at Pernod Ricard India uniquely recreated Javed Ali’s ‘specially curated beat’ using musical instruments like acoustic & lead guitars, piano, classical dance fused with tabla, djembe, congas, cajon, shakers, bass guitars, vocal a capellas, claps, beat boxing, roto drums and even non-conventional objects transformed into musical instruments like office desks, pens, pencils, drinking glasses and cups. It showcased the power of collaboration and spirit of solidarity at Pernod Ricard India. 

Colors of Conviviality
Holi Celebration

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Colors of Conviviality

The festival of colors was celebrated with great zeal and zest!

This is how we came together for Holi and infused each moment with joy and playfulness - the Pernod Ricard way.


A Convivial World  
Our Expression of Conviviality

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Our Expression Of Conviviality

At Pernod Ricard India, conviviality is at the core of how we live, work and celebrate each day. It holds different meanings for each of us. In a diverse setting, this helps bring people from different cultures together and to unlock the magic of human connection.

Here's what humans of Pernod Ricard India have to say about Conviviality.