Stout's Out, Espresso Martinis Are In This St Patrick's Day!

Press Release 16/04/2024

St. Patrick’s Day called; it’s bored of stout as Kahlúa stirs things up by revealing that 60% of Brits would rather drink an Espresso Martini over a stout this March 17th

This St. Patrick’s Day, Stout’s Out and Espresso Martinis are in. While stout has long been a traditional favourite for St. Patrick's Day, research by Kahlúa, the world's number one coffee liqueur brand[1], shows that 60% of Brits would rather drink an espresso martini over a stout to celebrate the emerald isle. And, with a quarter (22%) ready to commit and make the switch exclusively from stout to their favourite coffee-based cocktail on the big day, it’s clear people are ready to stir things up this year. 


Kahlúa is showing up in unexpected ways this St. Patrick’s Day to remind drinkers that they can – and should – choose the drink they really want. While 64% of drinkers have felt social pressure to drink a certain drink to celebrate an occasion, nearly half (42%) of drinkers fear they might be judged for ordering a cocktail instead of a pint on St. Patrick’s Day. Kahlúa is on a mission to get drinkers to stir things up and have the drink their heart actually desires with a deliciously creamy, Kahlúa Espresso Martini.


Research shows that even the most seasoned of stout drinkers will choose to opt for something lighter later in the evening. This St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Thursday 14th – Sunday 17th, Kahlúa is partnering with Dirty Martini Bars for 2-4-1 Espresso Martinis between 12pm-7pm to celebrate and say Slainte – or Salud – with a velvety smooth, sophisticated glass of the nation’s new favourite black and creamy drink. For those in London, Dirty Martini St. Paul’s will also be giving away mini pint glasses to the first 40 consumers to order an Espresso Martini from when they open at 4pm. 


Liam Murphy, Brand Director for Pernod Ricard UK, comments: "Young adults are increasingly looking to break away from tradition and Kahlúa is here to save the day! 40% of people want to see more creativity in cocktail options on St. Patrick’s Day, so… enter the Irish Espresso Martini. Simply use Jameson Irish Whiskey alongside Kahlúa and a shot of espresso for the perfect Paddy’s Day drink. This year, we’re encouraging everyone to stir it up and enjoy their drink of choice."


Spearheaded by a disruptive hero 35-second asset, the campaign will roll out across the brand’s social media channels, digital out of home vans driving in Soho, London, a partnership with Dirty Martini Bars and via print media from today until Sunday. 


[1] IWSR 2022 Kahlua sells 1.8m cases, topping the coffee liqueur category charts.