Absolut Vodka

Our iconic original.

In its apothecary-inspired bottle, our world famous vodka is a cultural collaborator in it's own right. And we're proud.

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Because Summer.

The world’s top-selling Caribbean rum and classic taste of summer. Born for the piña colada, distilled in Barbados: where coconuts call home.

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The world's premium coffee liqueur.

The original and the best coffee-flavored liqueur. Made from the highest quality arabica beans from Veracruz, Mexico, for that notoriously rich vanilla coffee taste.

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Åhus Akvavit

A swedish legend, reimagined.

Our very first contemporary take on a legendary Swedish spirit. Created by monks in the 15th century and reimagined as your most unique dinner party mainstay.

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From global to local.

A global family of local vodkas, produced in micro distilleries around the world. Homegrown and unique from city to city, yet of a consistently exceptional quality.

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Absolut Elyx

Our award-winning luxury expression

Our single estate copper crafted luxury vodka. This is the award-winning, smoothest expression of our iconic spirit, hand-sourced and distilled in a 1921 vintage still.

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Absolut Art

Simplify access to amazing art.

Our online retailer of exclusive, globally sourced contemporary art. Bringing the most pioneering voices to your walls from Havana to LA, Berlin to Hong Kong.

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