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ÅHUS - Contact Details
Tel : +46 4 428 80 00
Mail :
Address : Köpmannagatan 29
S-296 31 Åhus (Sweden)


ÅHUS - Absolut Production

The southern Swedish village of Åhus is home to 10,000 people.
It may not be big enough to show up on a world map, but the
vodka made here is celebrated around the globe. Every drop
of Absolut Vodka comes from this single source. Local farmers
grow the hardy winter wheat, water is pulled from its deep well,
and with these key ingredients, the town’s world class distillery
produces millions of bottles of our beloved vodka each year.


STOCKHOLM - Contact Details
Tel : +46 8 744 70 00
Mail :
Address : Marieviksgatan 19B
S-117 97 Stockholm (Sweden)

STOCKHOLM - Main Office

The Absolut Company head offices are located at Marieviksgatan 19B.
The reception is open weekdays 8.00-16.30. During summer (1/6-31/8)
8.00-16.00. To reach the reception desk dial +46 8 744 70 00. You can
also email:

*For sponsorship requests please contact local markets.