Our Strategic Model

Maintaining a total focus on the consumer

Today’s consumers are no longer loyal to one brand; instead, they move among a variety of brands that they choose on the basis of a given moment of consumption or experience of convivialité. Everything we do revolves around that quest for satisfaction. Being "Créateurs de convivialité" means positioning moments of consumption – and therefore consumers – at the centre of our strategic model. It’s a model based on four Essentials – the Group’s fundamentals – on which the four growth Accelerators rest. 


Route to Market : capitalise on all of our distribution channels to reach every consumer

“The Route-to-Market and Consumer answers one simple question: how do we reach every single consumer as efficiently as possible? In the past, it was fairly simple to find consumers at major retailers and other networks outside their homes. Today, we have to completely revise that route to consumers by thinking about new touch points like e-commerce, Hometainment and travel retail.”

Conor McQuaid, Global Business Development Director

A few examples