Published On 11/02/2016

Ron Ritual: a rum brand for millennials


Pernod Ricard España

splash_ron_ritual Eighty-four percent of 18-25 yearolds want to change the world and 48% of them think brands have a role to play in this transformation (1). These figures reveal the extent to which Generation Y wants to bring about change and is committed to action. So Pernod Ricard España has launched a new rum brand called Ritual. Consumers who buy a bottle of Ritual can share the value generated by their purchase by reinvesting it in a cause of their choice. To do this, they are invited to log on to a crowdfunding website ( or a site that supports socially responsible entrepreneurial projects developed by Millennials ( This strategy gives consumers control over their impact and promotes the fair distribution of generated value. The brand reached a milestone this year with sales of 337,000 litres and raised €150,000 in funds for social causes.

(1) Source: 2012 Telefónica Global Millennial Survey.

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