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Our Strategy & Business Model

Consumers are at the heart of Pernod Ricard’s business strategy and transformation

Transform and Accelerate to win in our battlegrounds

We have a compelling vision: as “Créateurs de Convivialité” our purpose is to turn every social interaction into a genuine, friendly, and responsible experience of sharing. Our ambition is to achieve leadership and become the number one Spirits and Wine company.

To support our ambition, our consumer-centric strategic model is based on Four Essentials and Four Accelerators defining our priorities to ensure we stay relevant to our consumers.

The Essentials are based on our historic strengths, while the four Accelerators leverage these essentials to meet evolving consumer needs.

Four Essentials

Four Accelerators

Operational Excellence
Working more efficiently by optimising
our processes.

Portfolio Management
Place one of our brands at every shared
occasion across the world, creating true
moments of "convivialité".

Talent Development
Helping employees grow and attracting
new talent.

Digital Acceleration
Accelerating the digital transformation of
every phase of our business.

Sustainability & Responsibility
Being a powerful lever of value creation for
our brands.

Creating brand experiences by introducing
new types of products and services.
Route to Market
Leveraging the potential of all our
distribution channels in order to reach
every consumer.
Premiumisation and Luxury
Upscaling our product range and becoming
number one in the luxury spirits segment.


Launched in 2018, Our Transform and Accelerate plan leverages our strategic model and takes the Group transformation further to accelerate our growth. The plan focuses on two areas:

  • How we can get ‘More from the Core’, building on our strengths to accelerate growth
  • How we can best ‘Prepare the Future’, innovating to transform our company.

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Close up of bottles on the production line at the Absolut factory.
We will stay on our strategic course and accelerate our digital transformation while maintaining strict discipline, with clear, purpose based investment decisions. We will harness our agility and ensure we adjust quickly to seize new opportunities.
Alexandre Ricard
Chairman and CEO
Reception area at The Island, Pernod Ricard HQ

Our business model

We have activated a 100% consumer centric strategic model focused on four Essentials (Operational Excellence, Talent Development, Sustainability & Responsibility, Route to Market) and four Accelerators (Portfolio Management, Digital Acceleration, Innovation, Premiumisation and Luxury).

This model highlights business priorities combining historic strength and new ways of working that will help us to achieve our leadership ambition.

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Our organisation

We operate as a decentralised organisation. This approach combines the power of a large group and the agility of a start-up and creates a unique culture with many benefits.

We respect the operational autonomy of our affiliates so they can get as close as possible to our consumers and work with local trends. We empower our employees to take the initiative locally to find new ways to engage with our markets.  

Decentralisation gives us the competitive advantage of agility in uncertainty, and the pandemic has tested this robustly.

Our global organisation is lead and directed strategically from our global HQ in Paris yet allows our brand and market companies to develop initiatives based on their experiences and insights.

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Exterior view of The Island, Pernod Ricard's headquarters in Paris, France.
Our Group
Business Overview & Key Figures
Interior view of The Island, Pernod Ricard's headquarters in Paris, France.