The Pernod Ricard Mindset: a conquering team spirit

The exceptional commitment of our workforce, which lives and embodies the Group’s culture and values each day, is the key to our success. Its conquering mindset – the Pernod Ricard Mindset – is an impressive blend of entrepreneurial spirit, mutual trust and ethical commitment: the three key values that underpin our corporate culture. Bolstered by our decentralisation and our sense of convivialité, the Pernod Ricard Mindset continues to be a formidable tool for performance, reflected in our efforts to break down silos, collaborate across our differences, pool our expertise, streamline our procedures and focus on what is most essential. It provides the Group with the speed and agility it needs to constantly adapt to an increasingly volatile environment. Above and beyond our strategic aims, this Mindset will truly enable us to make the critical difference.

A model

We are committed to upholding operating autonomy at our affiliates based on the principle of subsidiarity. This policy ensures that decisions can be made as close as possible to the markets and consumers involved. To be effective, decentralisation requires that everyone is aligned and all our actions are consistent, from product development to activation in each market.

3 cardinal values
An attitude
La convivialité

Decentralisation and these three values become truly meaningful when they are animated by an attitude: convivialité. That is what gives Pernod Ricard its distinctive character as a Group. We encourage simple and direct relationships among our various hierarchical levels, so as to nurture our collective commitment and help us become the ambassadors expressed in our motto...

1. Entrepreneurial spirit

Pernod Ricard owes its rapid growth to the men and women who contribute to its international expansion every day, all of whom are driven by a single mindset: a spirit of entrepreneurialism.

That corporate culture has been integral to Pernod Ricard’s operating and management methods from the outset. It fosters personal initiative, encourages creativity and acknowledges the right of every employee to make mistakes. A decentralised organisation would be impossible without that entrepreneurial spirit. Pernod Ricard views each employee as an entrepreneur entrusted to capitalise on every opportunity offered by the market. 

2. Mutual trust

Pernod Ricard promotes relationships founded on mutual trust. That trust derives from one primary principle: the reciprocal consideration that all our employees extend to their peers. This operating method is based on transparency in our dialogue, openness to others and respect for what makes us different. It creates the conditions for mutual enrichment, a vital factor in personal and collective commitment.

3. A strong sense of ethics

Leadership cannot be attained without exemplary ethical behaviour. That commitment is deeply rooted in Pernod Ricard’s history and culture. Ever since it was founded, the company has stood for universal values of responsibility, transparency and respect for people and cultures. Its efforts to promote diversity and sustainable development are the most visible reflection of that commitment.

Conviviality at work

How many of us have been in a job where we can truly be ourselves, where we get up every day feeling at ease and confident to share who we are with people we work with? At Pernod Ricard we are Proud to Belong, Empowered to Perform and Committed to Care.