Our culture

The Pernod Ricard Mindset: a conquering team spirit

The exceptional commitment of our workforce, which lives and embodies the Group’s culture and values each day, is the key to our success. Its conquering mindset – the Pernod Ricard Mindset – is an impressive blend of entrepreneurial spirit, mutual trust and ethical commitment: the three key values that underpin our corporate culture. Bolstered by our decentralisation and our sense of convivialité, the Pernod Ricard Mindset continues to be a formidable tool for performance, reflected in our efforts to break down silos, collaborate across our differences, pool our expertise, streamline our procedures and focus on what is most essential. It provides the Group with the speed and agility it needs to constantly adapt to an increasingly volatile environment. We are convinced that, above and beyond our strategic aims, this Mindset will truly enable us to make the critical difference.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurs take risks, innovate, know how to maximise good ideas and motivate those around them. At Pernod Ricard, we encourage this kind of dynamic approach, which is interwoven into the way we work and the way we manage. Pernod Ricard brings out the entrepreneur in each of us. 

Mutual trust

We work better by trusting and listening to each other. This creates an optimal atmosphere for collaborating effectively in a friendly and relaxed environment. 

A strong sense of ethics

We are ambitious, but never at the expense of our values. Pernod Ricard has always believed in being transparent and respecting different people and cultures.  

Together, we make the perfect blend

At Pernod Ricard, we offer a unique cocktail of five ingredients, but we’re still missing that key sixth ingredient to make the perfect premium blend: You!