Promote responsible drinking

« We want to convey a message of moderation, so that the consumption of wines and spirits continues to be something that people enjoy, in the same way they enjoy holidays, moments of convivialité or simply relaxing.»


Patrick Ricard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from 1978 to 2008.


Through our tagline, “Créateurs de Convivialité”, we encourage responsible consumption of our products. There is no convivialité in excess. That’s our commitment.

Pernod Ricard’s commitments

To ensure that consuming our products continues to be an enjoyable experience that poses no health risk, we encourage consumption in moderation and combat inappropriate forms of consumption. This educational outreach is based on campaigns to raise awareness that we conduct alone or, whenever possible, in partnership with other industry members, non-profit organisations and public authorities.

In addition, we maintain strict internal criteria for responsible marketing, through standards contained in our Code for Commercial Communications.

To reach populations at risk and address hazardous behaviour more effectively, Pernod Ricard has defined five priority commitments:

     1.    Promote consumption in moderation,
     2.    Combat drink-driving,
     3.    Raise awareness among young people about the potential risks posed by alcohol abuse and inappropriate consumption,
     4.    Discourage the use of alcohol by pregnant women,
     5.    Encourage a responsible attitude among Group employees.

These 5 priorities reflect the 5 commitments that each member of our industry must uphold in order to combat inappropriate consumption of our products.

The industry’s 5 commitments

During the conference of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) held in October 2012, Pierre Pringuet – at that time Vice Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard – announced five commitments by producers of beer, wine and spirits to reduce excessive or inappropriate alcohol consumption:

     • Combat underage drinking,

     • Strengthen and expand codes of best practices in marketing,

     • Inform consumers and develop responsible product innovations,

     • Reduce drinking and driving,

     • Enlist the support of retailers.

The companies set a target date of 2017 to address these five issues. In the meantime, evaluations have been conducted by an independent third party, with the results shared annually.

Responsib’All Day: a day when the Group mobilises for action

Since 2011, our entire workforce of 18,500 employees in our affiliates worldwide has stopped working one day a year to devote all its efforts to promoting responsible consumption. This event reflects the spirit of convivialité at Pernod Ricard: employees share their best practices and provide a renewed boost to projects that have been developed throughout the year.