Our communities and partners

“Success is worthwhile only when it is shared by all”
Alexandre Ricard

The Group’s tagline, “Creators of Convivialité”, promotes a culture of sharing and invites all of us to seek out others.  So it’s natural that Pernod Ricard should pledge its support to the local communities in which it operates. We also play an active role in the responsible practices adopted by our partner suppliers.

Our commitment is based on five objectives:

•    contribute to the growth of local communities,
•    promote entrepreneurialism as a means of generating value and wealth,
•    encourage our partners to comply with the principles of sustainable development,
•    share the diversity of local cultures,
•    generate value that can be shared with our partners and shareholders.

Contributing to the growth of local communities

Wherever Pernod Ricard has a presence, we seek to share the benefits of our growth with the surrounding local community. Our objective is twofold:

•    Support economic growth
     -    by enhancing skills through training programmes,
     -    by supporting education,
     -    by creating jobs, notably through our purchase of 2.3 million tonnes of agricultural raw materials from local farmers.

•    Improve health and social conditions:
     -    by funding community projects that provide access to employment,
     -    by organising volunteer programmes in support of social initiatives.

For example, Pernod Ricard India helps fund the creation of local community clinics where residents can receive free medical services, and also leads national disease prevention and health education campaigns.

Since 2011, Pernod Ricard New Zealand has been taking part in professional wine industry training programmes for residents of the Marlborough wine country. In the process, the affiliate is providing vocational opportunities for the local population, in a region with endemic unemployment.

Promoting entrepreneurialism

Entrepreneurialism is not only a key Group value but also a driver of local economic development. So Pernod Ricard offers a variety of resources designed to encourage young people to start a business of their own:

-    training and funding for young entrepreneurs,
-    financial backing for non-profit organisations that promote entrepreneurialism,
-    aid for entrepreneurial skills development among those without access to the educational system.

In addition, the Group provides support for the creation of local businesses.
Working in collaboration with L’Appel, an NGO in Vietnam, Pernod Ricard has awarded three-year scholarships to some forty students who have chosen an entrepreneurship curriculum. We have also funded start-up costs for three award-winning entrepreneurial initiatives.
Pernod Ricard’s Armenian affiliate, Yerevan Brandy Company, is promoting entrepreneurialism among its grape suppliers in the country’s Tavush region. By setting up a cooperative and providing appropriate training, the Group is helping wine growers become more independent and maintain a more stable income.

Encouraging our partners to comply with the principles of sustainable development

Pernod Ricard is committed to promoting responsible practices among its suppliers and strives to build long-term relationships with those suppliers. That commitment includes three components:

1.    defining a responsible sourcing policy that is applicable Group-wide,
2.    encouraging our suppliers and subcontractors to comply with certain requirements regarding sustainable development,
3.    evaluating and auditing practices among our suppliers and helping them improve their social and environmental performance.

With that in mind, Pernod Ricard has forged a partnership with the French firm EcoVadis to evaluate its suppliers at greatest risk. During March 2014, 252 of those suppliers were assessed on their performance. An action plan drafted on the basis of those assessments should subsequently help our suppliers improve their practices.

Sharing the diversity of local cultures

Convivialité means sharing, meeting new people and being open to others. It’s in that spirit that we seek to promote access to art and, more broadly, all forms of creative expression. Through our numerous partnerships with contemporary art institutions and our support for joint artistic creation, we show our commitment to young creatives and designers. In addition, we call attention to local cultural activity and spotlight cultural traditions in the countries where we operate.

In France, the Group has directly funded the digitisation of 450,000 artworks and documents at the Pompidou Centre.