Responsible employees

The Group is truly an incubator of talent and ideas, promoting a collaborative, friendly work environment marked by four main initiatives on behalf of the workforce:

•    educate employees about our CSR commitments 
•    enlist their participation in each of our CSR activities
•    raise awareness regarding diversity and workplace relations founded on mutual trust and respect – two of our cardinal values
•    provide induction and training and represent our employees as effectively as possible 
•    alert them to the duty of managers to act as role models.

Educating employees about our CSR commitments

No fewer than 94% of our employees report that they are familiar with the Group’s CSR priorities, and 89% say they feel involved in its sustainable development projects (source: I Say internal survey, June 2013).

Enlisting employee participation in CSR activities

The credibility of our commitments depends first and foremost on the support of our workforce. As residents of the community, they will be the most sincere in promoting those commitments. We have adopted this perspective for two reasons: our employees have the greatest stake in our commitments, and if we fail to convince them, we will never succeed in convincing our other stakeholders. For example, we have been holding an annual Responsib’All Day event since 2011. For an entire day, work at each of our 85 affiliates around the world comes to a halt so that our 18,500 employees can tackle one of our CSR priorities in the field. 

Promoting workplace relations founded on mutual trust and respect for diversity

In our view, diversity and difference are a source of wealth and creativity. That includes diversity in gender, age and origin. Pernod Ricard is particularly keen to ensure diversity in its hiring, and provides support for leadership by women. 

Providing for optimal induction, training and representation

•    We seek to provide the best possible induction process for our new employees.
•    We support them in their career development. Learn more about Pernod Ricard University
•    We ensure their well-being within the company. Learn more about the I Say survey
•    We encourage workplace dialogue. 

Alerting employees to each manager’s duty to act as a role model

Our managers need to act in exemplary fashion, so we have designed a guide to responsible leadership. Its goal is to help them inspire their staff, notably with regard to CSR issues.