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of subsidiaries have led at least one initiative to promote responsible drinking 

(I Say survey 2015)


of employees are aware of our 4 areas of commitment 

(I say survey 2015)


suppliers have signed-up to our supplier CSR commitment


sites certified ISO 14001

Our worldwide initiatives

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The Smart Barometer gathers the initiatives led by our subsidiaries accross the globe.

Responsib'All Day

The Responsib’All Day seeks to encourage the implementation of concrete initiatives by gathering all Pernod Ricard employees for one day devoted to CSR.

Our Wise Drinking application

Our Wise Drinking application lets users calculate their alcohol consumption in real time. It is the first global digital application to promote responsible drinking.

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Promoting a responsible lobbying
Promoting a responsible lobbying

Based on the recommendations of Transparency International, NGO of which Pernod Ricard is a member, the Group is clarifying its positions with regard to hazardous behaviour, discriminatory tax policy and communications. The Group is also conducting employee training on responsible lobbying. Inspired by Paul Ricard and his advice to “make a new friend every day”, our corporate culture calls on all of our employees to act as lobbyists in their own way – but always in accordance with our uncompromising code of conduct.

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