The Bar World of Tomorrow

Case Studies 19/05/2021

Bartenders serve up conviviality on our behalf across the world, and so together we’re working on the Bar World of Tomorrow – an idea that combines our convivial outlook with key ingredients of sustainability and responsibility. 

The Bar World of Tomorrow celebrates fresh ingredients, reducing waste and serving alcohol in responsible ways. For us, it is about sharing our ideas with bartenders, dispelling myths and encouraging them to incorporate what they have learnt into their everyday work. 

By 2030 we’re aiming to have trained 10,000 bartenders and to do it we’re collaborating with some very special people who have a vision as strong as ours. 

Punks with a plan
Kelsey Ramage co-founded Trash Tiki to educate people on reducing waste in bars and to inject some fun into the whole process. Through our partnership Trash Tiki’s ideas and initiatives have added power and scale that can make a real difference.

Kelsey won Altos Tequila’s Tahona Society bartending competition in 2017 and since then the competition has evolved with a focus on sustainability into The Tahona Society Collective Spirit Competition. Bartenders are challenged to design and enact an initiative in their bar to increase sustainable practices, help the local community, or improve the wellbeing of bar staff.

Trash Tiki have also played a key role in the development of Absolut's Green Hustle, an online educational platform that encourages small acts of change in bars that have a positive impact on the environment, our industry and a bar’s bottom line.

Trash Tiki are an important partner as we help share our ideas on the Bar World of Tomorrow with free online educational content hosted on Educate All. 

Pandemic: Accelerating our plan 
The Bar World of Tomorrow training course has developed in collaboration with Pernod Ricard, Trash Tiki and the Sustainable Restaurant Association and is hosted on Educate All. 

It is proving to be a vital connection for the bartending community as the world deals with the fallout of the Covid Pandemic. In these difficult times for the hospitality industry the course is playing a positive role in keeping spirits up.  

"We are thrilled to have Pernod Ricard join the EducateAll initiative. This is exactly the way we envisaged the initiative being used by industry leaders, increasing access to free, critical and relevant training. Cafés, restaurants and bars have been heavily impacted by COVID-19 so being able to stay resilient and recover from this uncertain period will be paramount."
Darren Winterford, founder and CEO of EdApp.

The training has four key modules: ingredients, service, bar and staff. The content covers sourcing ingredients, sustainable ice management to bar set ups that minimise waste. Importantly, it also looks at the role of the bartender, their wellbeing and serving alcohol in a responsible manner. 


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