Published On 11/13/2017

Meet Coach Kahlúa, our new instigator in chief

What does it really mean to be instigator in chief for a brand whose mission is to liberate humanity from stiff and bitter? Well, first of all you have to have the right attitude, and second of all you need to be fed up with overcomplicated cocktails and endless ingredient lists.

This year´s Kahlúa campaign builds on the brand’s history of encouraging what we like to call a “Tiny Rebellion”. Now, what is a Tiny Rebellion you might ask? Staging a Tiny Rebellion is equal to overthrowing pretentiousness and hijacking expected moments. It’s doing things differently in order to make everyday experiences a little more memorable.

Since over-complicated is not our style, Coach Kahlúa leads the way in promoting simple yet delicious Kahlúa cocktails. By giving the right pep-talks at the right moments, coach Kahlúa will inspire people to bring out that playful rebelliousness we all have inside of us. He will use his no-nonsense humour to guide us away from the expected, stiff and boring.
The main objective of the campaign is to drive consideration, by focusing on bringing the brand´s Tiny Rebellion platform to life. We´re putting Coach Kahlúa right at the centre of attention – as the instigator in chief of fun and delicious.
The 360 campaign includes a full media push with online video, programmatic, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and digital OOH surrounding on-trade accounts in key markets. Furthermore, Coach Kahlúa is present on POS Off and On trade assets, and in digital L3F activation in key chains. 
To learn more about the campaign and to get to know Coach Kahlúa visit:

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