Together, we make the perfect blend

Brilliant, beloved brands worldwide

Our employees are proud to be ambassadors for our brands because they are, quite simply, great products.

With a unique and diverse portfolio, Pernod Ricard is known worldwide as a creator of some of the most iconic and exceptional wines and spirits in the market.

Our premiumisation stragey and our positionning are key components in building this image.

A heritage worth preserving

The success of our brands rests upon authentic and traditional production methods that have been preserved and passed down for generations.

Our products are made with passion and craft, and we protect
the know-how that gives them their qualityand premium character

We’re proud of this heritage.

Creators of emotion

We work in a cool, fun and trendy industry, where we have the opportunity to create and offer exciting experiences for our customers and consumers.

That’s why creativity and innovation are vital. And that’s why at Pernod Ricard, the accent is on experimentation in many areas – from advertising to events – so we can reinvent “convivialité” and offer new encounters for the world through our brands.

Genuine people

Being approachable, positive and confident, without arrogance! Pernod Ricard grows from day to day with the support of our talented individuals, who, beyond their professional qualities, demonstrate a strong sense of ethics genuineness.

There are no stereotypes or codes; what matters is what each of us brings, our own individual value.


We live the Pernod Ricard spirit every day, in everything we do. But it’s also much more than that: “convivialité” is our way of being. It’s something unique you feel and experience when working at Pernod Ricard.

It cements our corporate culture, and it’s even in our tagline “Créateurs de convivialité”.

I say

In 2011, we measured the level of engagement of all our employees. For the first time in our history, we launched the “I Say” global engagement survey. This survey is available in 35 languages in paper or electronic format and was independently managed by Towers Watson.

We had two main goals: to collect the opinions of each employee on 14 different subjects (examples include workplace environment and relationships with colleagues and peers) and measure the sense of belonging of employees to the culture and image of our company.

Today, this survey is carried out every two years. The fourth edition was produced in June 2017. This latest survey has shown again how engaged and proud our employees are. 82% of our workforce responded to the latest survey. This level of participation continues to pass further and further above the industry average according to the Towers Watson standard named “Fast Moving Consumer Goods”.

Our HR policy was awarded with the “Trophée du Capital Humain” in 2013*

*The “Trophée du Capital Humain” was created by Michael Page recruitment agency in association with eight other partner organisations. The goal of this award is to highlight initiatives taken by major French companies to engage and develop men and women as their human capital. This award is open to companies in the SBF 120 (French stock market index) with over 15,000 employees.

(Source : Etude « I Say »Survey, produced by Towers Watson, 2017)

Pride of belonging

Our people have an outstanding level of engagement:

94 %

are proud to be part of Pernod Ricard.

In short, our employees are passionate about their work, dedicated to our culture and values, and proud to say so: 87% would recommend Pernod Ricard as a good place to work.

(Source : Etude « I Say »Survey, produced by Towers Watson, 2017)

I say +

Our DNA & history

Entrepreneurship has been an integral part of our DNA ever since founders and pioneers Jean Hémard and Paul Ricard began their visionary start-up. And it’s still true today.

To quote Alexandre Ricard on the spirit of being an entrepreneur, “it is to quench the thirst for achievement and liberate our force”. At Pernod Ricard, all employees are entrepreneurs.

A creative ecosystem

“The entrepreneur innovates. This means daring to challenge and shift the status quo through a mix of intuition and vision. The entrepreneur invents and defines new rules.” Patrick Ricard (CEO Picard Ricard 1978-2008)

Creativity leads to innovation. We need divergence and room for expression in order to allow creativity to grow.

As the size of the group creates a certain space of convergence, we created an innovation ecosystem through the Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG) and the Kangaroo Fund:

BIG is an innovation head-hunter which functions as a free electron. This structure develops disruptive innovations that may change industry rules and customer perception of a product, brand or even the whole industry.

The Kangaroo Fund is open to any of our employees to further develop their innovative ideas that could change the way we serve our customers. The best ideas get financial funding, expert advice and coaching whether they concern products, services or experiences.These two initiatives help open new horizons for our company as a whole between our branding and our markets.

Fostering innovation

Innovation is at the core of our business strategy and success. That’s why we encourage creativity, personal initiative, boldness and risk-taking.

Creating a culture of inventive leadership pays off: according to Forbes, Pernod Ricard is one of the most innovative companies in the world.

A creative ecosystem +

Local autonomy & empowerment

Pernod Ricard’s flexible, decentralised organisation, unique in its industry, has proven its ability to boost performance and individual motivation.

That’s because it puts the power where it counts. Thanks to a wholly owned distribution network, decision-making happens close to our customers and consumers at the local level,

making our employees’ work more meaningful.

Acting responsibly

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been a serious commitment at Pernod Ricard.

We believe there is no sustainable economic performance without social responsibility. Our CSR model is based on four engagements:

  • Empowering our employees
  • Promoting responsible drinking
  • Protecting our planet
  • Developing our communities and engaging our partners

We expect all our employees worldwide to respect and promote these engagements, and act responsibly.

Worldwide presence


No. 2 in the Wines & Spirits sector, Pernod Ricard is well-established all across the globe.

Our 18,000 employees span 80 countries, ranging from emerging economies to mature markets. This gives us a competitive edge for future growth in a variety of regions.

The power of local

We’re strong worldwide because we’re strong at the local level. Our local dimension is at the heart of our organisation. Like one big family, we’re firmly attached to our origins. We strongly respect resident cultures and communities.

And at our 101 production sites around the globe, we take actions to preserve native traditions, know-how and cultural heritages.

International opportunities

One of the perks of working at Pernod Ricard is the feeling of belonging to a worldwide work community. Employees benefit from international exposure and have the opportunity to grow in a multicultural working environment.

Global career opportunities are vast and diverse, and publicly advertised to everyone across our company.

And we help you grow with world-class programmes offered through Pernod Ricard University.

Pernod Ricard Chatter

Pernod Ricard Chatter® was launched in 2012. It’s an internal social network platform for Pernod Ricard employees.

Through knowledge sharing and collaboration, this platform enhances our company culture, efficiency, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Chatter is open to all of our employees. It’s a place where they can make acquaintances, brainstorm, share documents, manage projects, ask questions and respond to problems with each other.

Pernod Ricard Chatter® represents the essence of our company slogan “Créateurs de convivialité” as it further evolves our collaboration and creative practices.

All connected

Everyone’s connected at Pernod Ricard! With digital tools like Pernod Ricard Chatter, our corporate social network, all employees can interact no matter where they are in the world.

And staying connected is even easier with our novel ways of working: functional and regional meetings, global and transversal projects, and international trainings, to name a few.

Pernod Ricard Chatter +


Pernod Ricard’s decentralised structure creates jobs with real meaning and real responsibility, and an inspiring, motivating environment.

We put the power in our employees’ hands and look to them to innovate, take risks, deliver results and be trustworthy.

And it works: according to our internal “I Say” survey, 80% feel encouraged to go that extra mile.

(Source : “I Say” Survey produced by Towers Watson, 2017)


Internal mobility is our priority. By encouraging geographical or functional mobility, we work on our people’s talents and strengths to create dynamic teams.

In 2010, we launched iMove, our intranet mobility platform. This internal platform allows employees from all our entities to directly apply to available job vacancies around the world.

At Pernod Ricard, no career paths are etched in stone. You cannot know in advance what your path will become. We provide you with the tools for your development. However, you must create your own career opportunities. This is part of the entrepreneurial spirit that we strive to promote.


We believe you are the driver of your career. Want to move up, laterally, locally or out of the country? We’ll help you.

We always encourage mobility. This includes publicly advertised jobs that give first priority to employees,

dedicated HR teams, strong transparent HR processes and competitive expatriation conditions to support career advancement and talent management.

iMove +

Learning & development

We want our people to develop their talents and become tomorrow’s leaders.

Our HR policies support professional growth for our employees. In this way, they can take advantage of many opportunities, from regional, local development initiatives to training programmes, through sharing best practices and participating in cross-functional projects, to develop their careers and keep on growing within Pernod Ricard.

Personal growth & satisfaction

Every employee at Pernod Ricard must have room to grow, personally and professionally.

We want to maintain an open-minded and respectful atmosphere so everyone feels free to speak up, interact, network and share.

Our people are very special to us, and we want to instil in them the desire to act as ambassadors for our company and our brands.

The final blend depends on what you add to it. It's your own personal touch and individual qualities that bring something truly special to Pernod Ricard.