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Are you a young graduate, with a first professional experience? Are you passionate about the wines and spirits industry?
Do you wish to start your career with a rewarding experience overseas? Our graduate programmes are made for you!

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Jameson International Graduate Programme


The International Brand Ambassador Programme

Kick-start your career and hone your commercial instincts on a global stage, working for the world’s most iconic Irish Whiskey brand. Becoming a Jameson Brand Ambassador is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work closely with local brand teams in international markets, and introduce the world to the Jameson way of life.

The variety of the Brand Ambassador role sets it apart from nearly all other graduate programmes. Brand Ambassadors work across a wide range of marketing activities such as brand activation, education and mentoring. You’ll work with local brand teams and off your own initiative, and will also be on first name terms with bartenders, distributors, bloggers and event organisers.

After your initial four weeks of intensive training in our head office in Dublin, you will arrive at your foreign market, meet the team, acclimatise and apply suncream / thermal layers where necessary.

Each market has its own challenges but you can expect the following to be on your to do list:

• Convert 25-35 year olds to the Jameson way of life through trial, market research and local media channels

• Help plan, strategise and initiate marketing opportunities to get Jameson into the hands of urban trendsetters around the world

• Become a social media mogul; Tweeting, blogging and Instafacing (okay we made that one up, but we would expect you stay on top of the latest social media trends) about your progress

• Influence the big players in your market, from distributors to barmen and loyal brand advocates

• Support your local brand team in all their market activations

• Stay one step ahead of our competitors with research and strategy

• Immerse yourself in the local culture and become our eyes and ears on the ground


The Graduate Distiller Programme

Now in its fourth year, the Jameson Graduate Distiller Programme is receiving applications for graduate placements within our production division. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from the best and kick-start your career; developing a broad set of skills while working with Jameson, the world’s fastest growing international whiskey brand.

Successful candidates will be offered a two year placement, working as a Jameson Graduate Distiller, at either our Distillery in Midleton, Co. Cork or at our bottling, supply and logistics site in Dublin.

They will be provided the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills whilst working across a wide range of projects and activities, such as:

• Identifying process improvements

• Identifying production and product line opportunities

• Investigating opportunities for improving energy efficiency

• Conducting sustainability projects, product life cycle analysis and carbon footprint reduction

• Conducting new product trials

• Present findings and recommendations

• Work collaboratively in cross-functional teams

Graduates have the opportunity to work alongside the current holders of the ‘vital ingredient’, our senior production management team who will provide ongoing mentoring and practical, on the job training.

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