Conviviality at Work

How many of us have been in a job where we can truly be ourselves, where we get up every day feeling at ease and confident to share who we are with people we work with?

…working with people who acknowledge you and the value you bring to the team
…having the opportunity to do something new and being trusted to see it through
…succeeding not just through your own efforts, but because you get the support of others
…feeling empowered to perform at your very best
…doing your part to sustain the communities you live and work in

We call it conviviality. We believe that this spirit should flow through to your work.

We are proud to belong

Our business has a global reach and our brands have their own powerful local heritage, creating moments that matter in the lives of the people who choose them. Our passion for helping to deliver experiences that touch peoples’ lives is what binds us together and makes us proud to belong.

Brilliant, beloved brands worldwide

Our employees are proud to be ambassadors for our brands because they are, quite simply, great products. With a unique and diverse portfolio, Pernod Ricard is known worldwide as a creator of some of the most iconic and exceptional wines and spirits in the market. Our premiumisation stragey and our positionning are key components in building this image.

Global workforce

No. 2 in the Wines & Spirits sector, Pernod Ricard is well-established all across the globe.

Our 19,000+ employees span 73 countries, ranging from emerging economies to mature markets. This gives us a competitive edge for future growth in a variety of regions.

A heritage worth preserving

The success of our brands rests upon authentic and traditional production methods that have been preserved and passed down for generations.

Our products are made with passion and craft, and we protect the know-how that gives them their quality and premium character.

We’re proud of this heritage.

Employee engagement

Our people have an outstanding level of engagement:

94 % are proud to be part of Pernod Ricard.

In short, our employees are passionate about their work, dedicated to our culture and values, and proud to say so: 88% would recommend Pernod Ricard as a good place to work.

(Source: I Say People Survey, produced by Willis Towers Watson, 2019)


We live the Pernod Ricard spirit every day, in everything we do. But it’s also much more than that: “convivialité” is our way of being. It’s something unique you feel and experience when working at Pernod Ricard.

It cements our corporate culture, and it’s even in our tagline “Créateurs de convivialité”.

Creators of emotion

We work in a cool, fun and trendy industry, where we have the opportunity to create and offer exciting experiences for our customers and consumers.

That’s why creativity and innovation are vital. And that’s why at Pernod Ricard, the accent is on experimentation in many areas – from advertising to events – so we can reinvent “convivialité” and offer new encounters for the world through our brands.

We are empowered to perform

We create an environment where you can bring fresh thinking, try something new and show what you can do. We value simple and direct relationships that build trust, support and collaboration. We value diversity of backgrounds, thoughts and opinions. All of this helps us to perform and “live” the extra mile. What you will learn and the bonds you will build with us will help you expand, unleash your potential and open up unexpected opportunities.

Genuine people

Being approachable, positive and confident, without arrogance! Pernod Ricard grows from day to day with the support of our talented individuals, who, beyond their professional qualities, demonstrate a strong sense of ethics and genuineness.

There are no stereotypes or codes; what matters is what each of us brings, our own individual value.

Local autonomy & empowerment

Pernod Ricard’s flexible, decentralised organisation, unique in its industry, has proven its ability to boost performance and individual motivation.

That’s because it puts the power where it counts. Thanks to a wholly owned distribution network, decision-making happens close to our customers and consumers at the local level, making our employees’ work more meaningful.

We put the power in our employees’ hands and look to them to innovate, take risks, deliver results and be trustworthy.

And it works: according to our internal “I Say” survey, 81% feel encouraged to go that extra mile.

(Source :I Say People Survey, produced by Willis Towers Watson, 2019)



Fostering innovation

Innovation is at the core of our business strategy and success. That’s why we encourage creativity, personal initiative, boldness and risk-taking.

Creating a culture of inventive leadership pays off: according to Forbes, Pernod Ricard is one of the most innovative companies in the world.


We believe you are the driver of your career. Want to move up, laterally, locally or out of the country? We’ll help you.

We always encourage mobility. This includes publicly advertised jobs that give first priority to employees, dedicated HR teams, strong transparent HR processes and competitive expatriation conditions to support career advancement and talent management.

International opportunities

One of the perks of working at Pernod Ricard is the feeling of belonging to a worldwide work community. Employees benefit from international exposure and have the opportunity to grow in a diverse and inclusive working environment.

Global career opportunities are vast and diverse, and publicly advertised to everyone across our company.

And we help you grow with world-class programmes offered through Pernod Ricard University.

We are committed to care

We are in this business for the long term and we know that sustainable growth means caring for our communities, consumers, and employees alike. We care about the communities we impact, nurturing our lands and investing in the sustainability of the raw material we use. We care for our consumers, ensuring
the quality of our products and encouraging their responsible consumption. We care about our people. Our future growth and performance depend on what we have to offer to each other. This is why we are committed to invest in your development and wellbeing.

Acting responsibly

Sustainability & Responsibility (S&R) has always been a serious commitment at Pernod Ricard.

We believe there is no sustainable economic performance without social responsibility. Our Good Times from a Good Place S&R Roadmap is based on four commitments:

-Nurturing terroir
-Valuing people
-Circular making
-Responsible hosting

We expect all our employees worldwide to respect and promote these engagements, and act responsibly.

Learning & development

We want our people to develop their talents and become tomorrow’s leaders. Our HR policies support professional growth for our employees. In this way, they can take advantage of many opportunities, from regional, local development initiatives to training programmes, through sharing best practices and participating in cross-functional projects, to develop their careers and keep on growing within Pernod Ricard.

Personal growth & satisfaction

Every employee at Pernod Ricard must have room to grow, personally and professionally.

We want to maintain an open-minded and respectful atmosphere so everyone feels free to speak up, interact, network and share.

Our people are very special to us, and we want to instil in them the desire to act as ambassadors for our company and our brands.

The power of local

We’re strong worldwide because we’re strong at the local level. Our local dimension is at the heart of our organisation. Like one big family, we’re firmly attached to our origins. We strongly respect resident cultures and communities.

And at our 89 production sites around the globe, we take actions to preserve native traditions, know-how and cultural heritages.