Olmeca tequilas are produced in the Mexican region of Los Altos, renowned for its mineral-rich, red soil, ideal for high-quality sugar-rich agaves. The brand is distributed in more than 80 countries and amongst the leaders in several markets, such as Russia, where it is the No.1 tequila.

History and Know-how

Making tequila requires time, know-how and the right ingredients. Olmeca tequilas use only hand-selected ripe agaves from the Los Altos region. These are slowly roasted in traditional brick ovens for three days, crushed, fermented and distilled in copper pot stills.
Altos tequila also uses the “Tahona” method to carefully extract liquid from the finest blue agave plants using a giant wheel made of volcanic stone. This ancestral method adds earthy, herb notes. The liquid is then fermented and distilled with agave fibres, which give it an even more pronounced flavour. 
Each aged Olmeca tequila (Reposado and Añejo) is matured in small barrels previously used for bourbon.

Olmeca range